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Meddists is a medical education platform built for student's needs. We teach hundreds of students from all over the world and offer fully-customized content for leading medical schools in Europe.

Founded in 2018, Meddists began as a small, one-man project, without great ambitions. With time, the number of students using the platform grew, as well as the demand for more material, leading to the recruitment of additional team members.

By 2019, we were a team of 3, and our platform supported 5 subjects. As of 2021, we offer over a dozen of subjects, and our team consists of content writers, editors, marketers, scientific and medical advisors, and illustrators.

Our mission

Meddists seeks to create and promote efficient, strightforward, and high-quality medical education.

We strive to grow our platform, offering more subjects and reaching additional universities and students, as we continue providing superior content.

Our team


Yair Tzikinovsky, Founder
Dr. Vladimir Tzikinovsky, MD, Clinical advisor
Dr. Károly Jambrovics, PhD, Senior scientific advisor & Content manager
Ryota Yagi, Junior scientific advisor

Content writers

Dr. Adi Tchish, MD
Dr. Stefano Pizzo, MD
Dr. Maria Marquez, MD
Mary Ogorchukwu Osemeke
Eli Shezifi
Jonathan Koren
Stella Kreinman
Yaar Landau
Lirose Balas
Gilead Duchovni
Noa Weinberg
Noy Vazani


Guy Fridlyand, 3D artist
Vishal Gokulwale, Visual artist

Additional credits and attributions

Pixabay.com, Photographs

Pexels.com, Photographs

Freepik.com, Photographs

The Noun Project: Anatomy icon by Monkik, Chemistry icon by Template, Microscope icon by Gregor Cresnar, Genetics icon by IYIKON, Drug icon by Eucalyp, Brain icon by Cédric Villain, Uterus icon by Eucalyp, Large Intestine icon by H Alberto Gongora, Research icon by Eucalyp, Bacteria icon by Eucalyp, Rheumatology by Amethyst Studio Icons

Meddists is not endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorized, or sponsored by any university. The information displayed is for educational purposes only and does not constitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or recommendations of any kind. You should always seek the advice of qualified healthcare professionals with any questions or concerns you may have regarding any medical conditions.