Medical school excellence

Medical school excellence.

The first and only fully-customizable platform built for your medical education needs.

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What is Meddists


Meddists is a brand new approach in studying medical subjects; it is an innovative platform built with the purpose of making things simpler, more understandable, and easier to memorize — and it’s all hand-tailored to fit your university’s syllabus:

✅ Easy-to-understand definitions and explanations

✅ Schematic drawings

✅ High-yield facts as well as in-depth information

✅ High-resolution illustrations

✅ Tips, tricks, and exam simulations to help you prepare better and ace your exams

We cover the following subjects:

  • Medical genetics
  • Anatomy of the head and neck
  • Anatomy of the thorax
  • Anatomy of the abdomen and pelvis
  • Neurohistology
  • Biochemistry

Key features

HD illustrations

Enjoy full-sized pictures and photos.

Keeping it simple

Skip the walls of text — we go straight to the point.

Exam simulations

No surprises in the finals! Check your knowledge and prepare better.

Up to date

We're making sure you're getting the latest, most relevant information.

Memory hacks

Proven methods to help you understand faster and retain more as you study.

Clinical correlations

We provide you with important clinical information throughout your lessons.

Correct pronounciation

Never again mispronounce complicated terms.

Real student support

Providing technical support is easy, but we’re here for the hard study-related questions, too!


Our platform is compatible with the syllabi of leading universities.


University of Debrecen



University of Zagreb (Coming soon)



University of Pécs



Semmelweis University (Coming soon)


Meddists is not affiliated by or in any way officially connected to the universities listed.

What do our students say

“Very organized, efficient, and sutured especially for our program. Exactly what is needed.”
Hadas M.
University of Debrecen
“One of the best resources for anatomy. Organized material, and very professional customer service. Highly recommended!”
Mohammed F. L.
University of Debrecen
“The website is very user friendly, and the material is exactly what you need for a well rounded education. It’s very obvious that the founders understand what the departments want students to know.
Margrét P. H.
University of Debrecen
“Covers the material with simple explanations! Highly recommended!”
Yaar L.
University of Pécs