Frequently Asked Questions


Are you officially connected with any university?


Even though the courses we offer are customized for the listed universities — we are not officially connected with any of them.


For how long can I access a course after purchasing it?

One year.

We offer a Passing Guarantee — in case you did not pass your university course for any reason, you are entitled to another year of access for free; all you have to do is send your course report/grade-book signed by your university.

Is all of your content 100% correct?

As much as humanly possible.

Medicine is an ever-changing subject — even the most reputable, well-known textbooks publish new editions on a yearly basis in order to correct mistakes and keep the information up-to-date.

We are doing our best to review every piece of information before publishing it, and we issue updates as soon as new discoveries are available.

In order to keep our standards of full transparency, we offer an Updates and Changes section for every course, to help you stay informed.

My university is not on your list. Can your courses be customized for it?


Contact us and we’ll take care of everything.

Do you offer              course?

All of the courses we currently offer (and even some of our future courses) are available at the courses page.

Preparing courses is a complex process that takes a lot of research, effort, and time. If you cannot find the subject you’re interested in, it will probably come in the future, and we hope you won’t need it by then. 😉

What are “presale” courses?

Presale courses are those courses which are soon to be released, and are offered at a discount price.

Sometimes we’re so excited about the release of a course that we launch a presale. Those who pre-order a course will be the first to receive it once it’s available (the date is written at the order form).


Is shopping through your website safe?


We employ the latest security measures and technologies to provide you with a secure shopping experience.

  • Our services are protected by CloudFlare, a leading expert in network security
  • We use SSL authentication, ensuring that all data passed between our servers and your browser remains private and integral
  • All payments are processed through PayPal, the trusted leader in online payments
    • Your credit card information is never shared with us

Do I have to create a PayPal account to pay?

It depends. 

PayPal uses complex algorithms to decide whether you can pay as a guest, or require you to register.

  • Unfortunately, we have no control over PayPal’s decision
  • It depends on your location, browser, IP address, and many other factors
  • Regardless, creating a PayPal account is fast, easy and free!

How long will it take for my payment to process?

All payments are processed automatically.

You will gain access to the content immediately. In case of any delay, please contact us.


Can I share my account?

Account sharing is forbidden.

We offer group discounts starting with groups as small as 2 users. Contact us for more information.

Can I print/copy material from your platform?

Unless specifically stated otherwise, no.

With exceptions, all content offered by our platform is copyrighted.