Anatomy of the Thorax

  • Course Information
  • Thoracic Wall
    • Thoracic Vertebral Column
      30 min
  • Neurovasculature
  • The Heart
    • Valves
      30 min
  • Lungs, Trachea, Bronchi and Esophagus
  • Mediastinum

Anatomy of the Thorax


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The examination consists of an oral exam at the end of the semester and is split to splanchnology-1 and splanchnology-2.
A large part of splanchnology-1 is covered in this course, the rest of it is covered in the Anatomy of the Head and Neck course.

Topic list

# Topic title Lessons
10. Surface projections of the pleura, lungs and the heart.
Cardiac dullnesses. Points of auscultation of the valves of the heart.
Surface Projections and Relative Dullness of the heart
11. The mediastinum. Anterior mediastinum. Intercostal space. Mediastinum — Introduction
Superior Mediastinum
Anterior mediastinum
Thoracic wall — Introduction
Thoracic Fasciae and Layers
12. The pleura and the pericardium. Pleura
13. Atria of the heart. Chambers
14. Orifices of the heart. The valves and their function. Valves
15.  Ventricles of the heart. Radiogram of the heart. Chambers
Surface Projections and Relative Dullness of the heart
16.  Blood supply of the heart. Blood Supply
17. The structure of the cardiac wall. The conducting system and innervation of the heart. Heart — Introduction
Electrical Conduction System
18. The lungs, pulmonary roots, bronchopulmonary segments. Trachea and Bronchi
19. Posterior mediastinum. Posterior Mediastinum
20. Lymphatic drainage of the thoracic wall and thoracic viscera. Lymphatics
21. The lymphatic system and lymphatic circulation. The main lymphatic trunks. Lymphatics
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