Anatomy of the Head and Neck

  • Course Information
  • Vasculature and Lymphatics
  • Innervation
  • Muscles
    • Muscles of the Neck
      30 min
  • Regions and Spaces of the Head
    • Infratemporal Fossa
      30 min
  • Nasal Cavity & Paranasal Air Sinuses
  • Oral Region
  • Pharynx and Esophagus
  • Layers, Regions and Triangles of the Neck
    • Muscles of the Neck
      30 min
  • Larynx, Trachea, and Thyroid Gland

Pécs University Study Guide

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The syllabus will be updated once the university will post the 2018-2019 syllabus.


The examination consists of an oral exam at the end of the semester and is split to splanchnology-1 and splanchnology-2.
A large part of splanchnology-1 is covered in this course, the rest of it is covered in the Anatomy of the Thorax course.

Topic list

# Topic title Lessons
1 Nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses Nasal Cavity
Paranasal Air Sinuses
2 Laryngeal cartilages and their connections, cavity of the larynx Larynx – Introduction
Laryngeal Cartilages
Laryngeal Membranes, Ligaments and Folds
3 Muscles of the larynx, their function and innervation Muscles of the Larynx
Larynx – Vasculature, Innervation and Lymphatics
4 Oral cavity (except the teeth). The palate and the floor of the oral cavity Oral Cavity
Muscles of the Soft Palate
Salivary Glands
5 The tongue Tongue
6 Description of the teeth, their types, blood supply and innervation. Teeth
7 Lymphatic drainage of the oral and nasal cavities, pharynx and larynx Lymphatics
8 Cavity and parts of the pharynx Pharynx
9 Muscles and wall of the pharynx. Clinical importance of para- and retropharyngeal spaces Muscles of the Pharynx
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